Today’s ‘Coffee with…’ is with my little brother Justin. Now, who is Justin? Well, as I said, he’s my little brother… End of.


No, I kid. We have no biological ties. But when we tell people we’re brothers, the look of disbelief on their faces is damn right comical. And quite narrow minded I might add, but oh well. Justin is a film maker – a talented one at that, who frankly needs to put more of his work out there [http://justinrang.com/].


So I headed to central London to meet Justin at his place for our shoot.


I arrived at his abode but he was running late. The reason for this was, wait for it… a scarf mishap. He was late the day before because of a shoe lace mishap; these little mishaps seem to be a regular thing.


En route to the coffee shop, he told me about his drinking session the night before and his bad luck when playing High low (the reason for his subsequent drunkenness). Once we arrived at Nude Espresso, we got a table and settled in; we’d already discussed what we were getting on the way there. Justin got a double espresso (real RMF unlike a certain person, plus he needed it after the night he had) and I got my usual latte.


We began talking about the question that was posted over the tip jar – ‘Would you rather lose your wallet or your phone?’. We didn’t actually come to a conclusion but we both agreed that losing either will cause a great inconvenience.


We then promptly moved on to the ‘Coffee with…’ project. We spoke about how people expect me to carry on and finish it, and my plans for it once it’s complete. The idea of an e-book was thrown around – we will see…


Our conversation drifted to music (probably because of a 2 Chainz reference I made). We spoke about how it has changed over the last few years and how it has encouraged us to go back and explore music from the past. We agreed that we feel we were born in the wrong era, especially concerning fashion, music and our respective crafts. We concluded that the 1920s would have been the ideal era, mainly owing to our love for Boardwalk Empire and fine suits (plus I really want to be a bootlegger).


Our childhoods and toys were the next topic of discussion. Justin mentioned that he used to test the articulation of every action figure and if the hand dropped by a millimetre, he would ask his mum to buy a new one. This is one of the reasons we get on so well: we both have some of the most random OCDs.


Our conversation turned to relationships and the craziness that occurs (more me than him – I seem to attract crazy). Justin mentioned a point that Tom Ford made in his Visionaries documentary; he said that when he realised he had no control over certain aspects of his life and learnt to ignore them, he started living a happier and easier life. This point struck a chord with me as this is how I am living my life at the moment.


Well, trying to. My friends will know that I get stressed out when things don’t go as planned. So the new plan is to overlook things that I can’t change. Justin laughed at the fact that this new plan will probably stress me out… To be honest, he is right, but I will try.


As we finished our drinks, Justin took a picture for his Instagram. This prompted a rant (mostly on my part) about various Instagram crimes that occur on a daily basis.


We wrapped up the shoot then headed to Justin’s to meet up with his mum and say hello.

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